15th August 2023

KC3 has begun the next stage of a ground-breaking Innovate UK project, continuing the collaboration with the Liverpool-based start-up, Mersey Fair Air as part of the Launchpad funding from Liverpool City Region.

Together, they aim to revolutionize the heavy-duty vehicle market with their innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology. After successfully completing a feasibility study, the partnership secured a grant from Innovate UK to further their research and development. Their shared mission is to power truck-based construction machinery through hydrogen, not oil.

Mersey Fair Air is at the cutting of scalable alkaline fuel-cell technology, which are ideal for vehicles with substantial power demands, such as heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), trains, and maritime vessels. KC3, a specialist in volumetric concrete mixers, is the perfect match for Mersey Fair Air’s initial target market. Their combined efforts will refurbish an electric vehicle, demonstrating the potential of their fuel cell technology, battery systems, and hydrogen fuel tanks. The project aims not just to manufacture an innovative vehicle but to also serve as proof-of-concept to commercial partners to power a range of machinery.

Liverpool City Region’s investment in the hydrogen pathway aligns seamlessly with the project’s goals. If successful, their innovations could significantly contribute to the UK government’s ‘levelling up’ initiative, fostering green job opportunities, mitigating pollution, and boosting the North West’s economy.

This ambitious project doesn’t come at the cost of our customers. The KC3 M8 mixer is available in the UK, EU and internationally – and it may not be long before a hydrogen model is made available. To find out more about the KC3M8 or any of our other products and services, visit the product page or contact us on 0151 245 3962 or email Graham Jones at [email protected]