12th September 2020

With the complex demands of construction sites and busy residential streets, it can be a challenge to place the outriggers before using a concrete pump.

KCP have introduced TCS, a system to make it easier to position a concrete pump in challenging spots, and to make it easier to set up even when there are fewer restrictions.

TCS, short for Turning Control System, is a safety system that limits the rotation for the boom structure preventing it to be in an area where the outriggers are not fully extended.

This enables 4 short-rigging configurations, where at least 2 outriggers need to be fully extended and functions are limited by 14 electric sensors to keep the boom within a safe working window. All outriggers need to be vertical and supported on solid ground.

TCS is available now on all new KCP Concrete Pumps – find out more by contacting us today.