15th August 2023

Precast concrete and fencing firm Long Eaton Fencing Supplies – based near Nottingham, England – has taken a step forward with the commissioning of a brand new KC3 2.0 8m3 static concrete mixer. This fully electric machine has already been earning its keep by growing LEF’s concrete production.

Long Eaton Fencing Supplies commissioned a bespoke 6m3 static mixer which has been working since 2016. Reliable service from the machine as well as the support and service team at KC3 cemented their trust, driving their decision make this exciting purchase.

Building on the durable, simple to operate base product, the KC3 2.0 mixer comes with advanced features. It boasts a more powerful hydraulic system to maximize concrete output, and the upgraded computer system minimizes manual intervention through closed-loop automation. The durable EXOR HMI gives control over the system in the most demanding of environments – with a highly impact resistant screen as demonstrated with this similar model from EXOR.

Our remote monitoring system optimises equipment performance. Real-time proactive monitoring can detect potential mechanical issues before they escalate. Remote support from the KC3 team allows re-calibration and troubleshooting to get the best performance out of the mixer immediately, without the downtime associated with a site-visit. And with automatic notifications of concrete mix details after each pour via text or email, it’s simple to keep track of costs and revenues.

For truck-mounted versions, GPS ensures owners know where their assets are at all times. Other notable telematic controls in the KC3 2.0 include remote oil cleanliness monitoring and oil temperature tracking – features designed to pre-empt and prevent potential issues.


The KC3 team’s knack for innovation stems from decades of experience. Having designed and manufactured volumetric mixers since the 1980s, the core team were finalists in the Merseyside Innovation Awards (MIA) for bringing to market the world’s first “closed loop” computer system allowing for a fully automated volumetric concrete mixer. The KC3 2.0 system, enhances accuracy, user-friendliness, and accountability still with manual overrides for when really needed.

To find out more about the KC3M8 2.0 or any of our other products and services, visit the product page or contact us on 0151 245 3962 or email Graham Jones at [email protected]