20th December 2022

Coppard Concrete Services, a reliable concrete delivery firm based in the South of England, has taken delivery of their third KC3 Concrete Mixer on one of their existing chassis. This new addition to the Coppards’ fleet will help improve profitability and customer satisfaction by allowing them to deliver more concrete with fewer return trips to the yard to refill on materials.

The used chassis supplied by Coppards has VSO rights. For those unfamiliar with VSO rights, they allow for a 38.5 tonne payload.

Do you have a used chassis?

We can mount a quality new mixer to a used chassis for the most cost effective addition or upgrade to your fleet, or as your affordable first mixer.

The KC3 team has have decades of experience of concrete delivery as well as a manufacturer, and are always available for parts support and business advice.

We’re thrilled to see Coppards making this investment in their business and look forward to seeing the positive impact it has on their operations. We have no doubt that the KC3 Concrete Mixer will help Coppards continue to be a reliable and efficient choice for concrete delivery in the industry.

Coppard Concrete Services is a concrete supply company with a focus on quality service. They operate a batching plant and a fleet of volumetric vehicles, allowing them to be flexible and efficient in scheduling deliveries. Coppard operate two of our KCP Concrete Pumps along with three KC3 Concrete Mixers.

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