4th June 2023

KC3 volumetric mixers are coming together at the renowned KCP Haman factory in South Korea, and these mixers will soon be not just on the road – but repairing them.

A high volume of traffic across South Korea’s highway network means the roads require regular maintenance and repair, best carried out at night when traffic is at its lowest.

The reliable construction, simple operation, and ability to mix the exact amount of concrete required – all of this ensures that road repairs are carried out efficiently, minimising disruptions.

Whether it’s a technical inquiry, pricing details, or understanding the unique selling points that set KC3 mixers apart in the industry, our team is on standby to provide comprehensive information.

The KC3M8 mixer is available internationally and we are based in the UK. To learn more visit the product page or contact us on 0151 245 3962 or email Graham Jones at [email protected]